The difference between Colombian and Bolivian cocaine

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We have tried to describe the main differences between cocaine produced in Colombia and Bolivia.

  1. Production: Colombia is the world's largest cocaine producer, with an estimated 70 % of global supply. Bolivian cocaine, on the other hand, represents a much smaller proportion of global supply.

  2. Purity: Colombian cocaine is generally considered to be of better quality and purer than Bolivian cocaine. This is partly due to the fact that Colombia has more advanced processing facilities and more sophisticated manufacturing techniques.

  3. Price: Because Colombian cocaine is of better quality, it tends to be more expensive than Bolivian cocaine.

  4. Chemical composition: The chemical composition of Colombian and Bolivian cocaine can vary according to many factors, including the type of coca plant used and the manufacturing process. However, Colombian cocaine generally contains higher levels of the psychoactive compound cocaine hydrochloride than Bolivian cocaine.

  5. Trafficking routes: Colombian cocaine is generally trafficked to the USA and Europe via Central America and the Caribbean, while Bolivian cocaine is more likely to be trafficked to Brazil and other South American countries.


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