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Before buying cocaine, you need to know the following:


How does cocaine affect the body? The mechanism of action is similar to that of other psychostimulants. The main effect of cocaine on the body is a negative effect on the nervous system and the excitation of neurotransmitters such as dopamine, noradrenaline and serotonin. It affects the pleasure centers, leading to euphoria. The effects of cocaine on the human body are extremely harmful. The effect of cocaine on a person's psyche can be seen in his or her behavioral changes, with addicts often suffering from psychosis, depression and a high risk of schizophrenia.

What does cocaine do? The narcotic effect of cocaine is very rapid, as the drug is rapidly diffused throughout the body by the bloodstream. How does cocaine make you feel? A state of euphoria, great excitability, vigor, increased strength, heightened tactile perception, all the senses. The person has the impression of seeing, hearing and remembering information more easily and quickly, but this state does not last long. After an hour and a half to two hours, the side effects of cocaine are already being felt. These include lethargy, sudden mood swings, nervousness, irritability, apathy and depression.


How do people behave under the influence of cocaine? What are the main signs of cocaine use? Drug addicts who systematically smoke drugs show fairly clear signs of cocaine use.

Symptoms of cocaine use :

- bleeding, blocked nose ;
- eye redness ;
- dilated pupils on coke;
- no reaction to light;
- injection marks due to intravenous consumption ;
- excessive excitability ;
- movement coordination disorders.


What are the harmful effects of cocaine? The danger of using this drug is that it is virtually impossible to give it up on your own, that it irreparably destroys the addict's psyche, and that it damages the whole organism. Cocaine addicts take months, even years, to recover.


As we've already mentioned, addiction occurs fairly quickly due to the powerful euphoric narcotic effect. The person feels confident, complexes and communication barriers disappear. The feeling of lightness and spirituality encourages the person to use the drug again and again. However, the increase in dose cannot be permanent, especially as the euphoriant has a cumulative effect and tolerance develops.


Over time, the interval between uses decreases and the dose of cocaine increases, eventually leading to an overdose. However, even a single consumption at a high dosage can be fatal for a person. The danger of modern drugs is that they contain various impurities that only increase intoxication.

Signs of cocaine overdose

- chest pain ;
- thirst
- headaches ;
- deficiency ;
- seizures, spasms ;
- excessive sweating ;
- abnormal skin color ;
- drowsiness ;
- dehydration ;
- dry mucous membranes.


- Lay the dependent person on his or her side;
- give it access to fresh air;
- open windows and doors;
- remove clothing that gets in the way;
- if the pulse is weak, perform indirect cardiac massage.