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Before buying cocaine, you need to know the following:


Cocaine's impact on the body is similar to that of other stimulant drugs. It primarily affects our nervous system, stimulating neurotransmitters such as dopamine, noradrenaline and serotonin. These elements manage our pleasure centers, resulting in a short-term feeling of happiness. However, cocaine can cause serious damage to the body and potentially alter a person's mental state. Side effects? Things like psychosis, depression and even a high risk of schizophrenia can occur.

What does cocaine do? The drug's effect is rapid because it circulates rapidly through the body, thanks to the bloodstream. What does it feel like? At first, you feel extreme joy, energy, strength and an improvement in your senses. Everything seems a little brighter and more alive, and you may feel that you understand and remember information more than usual. But be careful, it doesn't last. Within a couple of hours, the side effects start to show: fatigue, mood swings, restlessness, lack of interest and depression.


What do cocaine users do? What should we look for to identify cocaine use? People who use drugs regularly have strong indicators of cocaine use.

Cocaine consumption indicators:

- bleeding, blocked nose ;
- eye redness ;
- dilated pupils on coke;
- no reaction to light;
- injection marks due to intravenous consumption ;
- excessive excitability ;
- movement coordination disorders.


What are the harmful effects of cocaine? The danger of using this drug is that it is virtually impossible to give it up on your own, that it irreparably destroys the addict's psyche, and that it damages the whole organism. Cocaine addicts take months, even years, to recover.


Addiction occurs quickly because of the drug's powerful, joyful effect. The person feels bold. Problems and barriers to communication with others disappear. A feeling of ease and attentiveness encourages the person to take more drugs. But they can't keep increasing the dose. In fact, the happiness provided by the drug builds up and the person gets used to it.


Over time, the breaks between cocaine doses become shorter. People also start using more and more of the drug. This can lead to overdose. But even a single large dose of cocaine can be fatal.

Signs of cocaine overdose:

- chest pain ;
- thirst
- headaches ;
- deficiency ;
- seizures, spasms ;
- excessive sweating ;
- abnormal skin color ;
- drowsiness ;
- dehydration ;
- dry mucous membranes.


- Lay the dependent person on his or her side;
- give it access to fresh air;
- open windows and doors;
- remove clothing that gets in the way;
- if the pulse is weak, perform indirect cardiac massage.